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Today people are exercising and staying fit more than ever before. It’s part of staying healthy. In our active lifestyles, having good vision plays an important role in being able to stay fit. Along with keeping our body’s fit, it is important to keep our eyes fit as well. You should have regular eye exams by an Ophthalmologist to ensure your vision is preserved.

Whether it’s going to the gym, playing tennis, softball, basketball or any sport, we know that staying fit and exercising is an important part of our lives. As we get older, it is normal for our vision to change and with this change we have to adapt. Today’s new technology gives us the ability to correct our vision. Eye doctors like Dr. Anthony Roberts are able to eliminate the need for eye glasses and contact lenses with state-of-the-art laser procedures such as LASIK. Laser vision correction can improve refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Shady Grove Ophthalmology offers some of the most advanced options available, including LASIK and PRK, to help you reduce – and even eliminate – your dependence on corrective eye wear.

We also have the ability to address cataracts which can occur in many people at young ages. Advances in modern day cataract surgery have made it possible to precisely remove cataracts and prevent severe long-term damage to your vision allowing us to continue our active lifestyles like never before.

Keep your eyes and body fit and live a life with clear vision!

Active Lifestyles and Refractive Surgery

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