Eye Floaters / Retinal Holes, Retinal Tears and Retinal Detachments



Eye floaters can be common, people see small moving spots or clouds which appear in their field of vision. They tend to be more noticeable when you look at bright light. Most floaters are not dangerous, and are caused by tiny pieces of tissue inside of the eye. When light hits these tiny piece of tissue it creates shadows on the retina that make give the appearance of a cloud like objects floating across your field of vision. The floater may seem like they are on the front section of your eye but they are inside your eye. Many people experience floater and many times are not an issue. However, a sudden increase of floaters may indicate a problem and having an eye examination is recommended.

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Retinal Holes

As you age the vitreous gel inside of your eye shrinks, and over time as it shrinks a small portion of your rental tissue may tear off of the retina. It is not something you will feel, this is called a retinal hole. Normally the vitreous gel in the middle of your eye begins to change when you’re about 40 or 50 years old. You many see an increase of floaters in your field of vision. Some people experience dark patches their vision. In some cases you may not experience any symptoms at all. The eye condition requires that you have routine eye exam with your ophthalmologist. It is important that you seek medical treatment for this condition if left untreated retinal holes can lead to serious damage to your vision.

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Retinal Tears / Detachments

A retinal tear or detachment is a very serious eye condition. During our normal aging process the vitreous gel in our eye begins to shrink and while it shrinks a section of the retinal tissue may stay attached pulling on the retina and can cause the retina to tear. If your experience a tear you will experience changes in your vision, you may see flashes of light, and increase of floaters in your field of vision. If the tear is left untreated fluid from within the eye passes through the tear and can cause a retinal detachment. This is a very serious eye condition and if you experience changes in your vision you should contact our office and have Dr. Roberts examine your eyes. If the tear is caught early enough before a full detachment occurs a laser procedure can be performed that can prevent more serious retinal detachment operation.

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