Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (LACS)

A cataract is a very common eye condition. Cataracts cause the lens in the eyes to become cloudy or fuzzy making it difficult to see, which makes everyday tasks difficult. Normally people have issues with night vision and may find it difficult to distinguish two similar dark colors. Many people have sensitivity to sunlight and glare. Some cataracts grow denser and larger over the years and can cause severe vision changes. Today, technology has progressed and surgery is performed to correct vision loss before a cataract progresses far enough to cause you to become blind. Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed medical procedures today.

Traditional cataract surgery is performed by surgeons with handheld eye instruments to perform very precise incisions in the eye in order to remove the old clouded lens and replace it with a new lens. This traditional method of cataract surgery is very reliable and has had very good results.

Today, technology has allowed us to move to an even higher level of precession with the advancement of “Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery”. With the use of a laser, Dr. Roberts is able to cut precise incisions in the eye to remove the clouded eye lens. The laser is also used to soften the cataract with very precise laser pulses which breaks the cataract up into very tiny pieces. With this use of the laser to soften the clouded cataract allows for a more gentle removal of the lens therefore less trauma and strain on the eye. Using a computer guided laser helps automate this entire process and allows for a true customized cataract removal treatment.

Once the cataract is removed an already predetermined intraocular lens is inserted into the eye. The new clear lens will allow light to be clearly focused onto the eyes retina and provide clear vision again. By using the newest state of the art laser assisted cataract surgery techniques a much higher quality of vision is achieved. 

Laser assisted cataract surgery is now the recommended method of cataract surgery for many. Laser cataract surgery is relatively painless and provides extremely good results. If you are having issues with your vision, or have been diagnosed with cataracts, contact Dr. Roberts at Shady Grove Ophthalmology for an eye consultation. 

Below is a video that discusses traditional cataract surgery verses laser assisted


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