Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome

Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome (DLS)

Have you always had good vision seeing things clearly without the need for glasses or contacts but now that you are a little older you are having difficulty reading, or with glare when driving at night or do you experience blurry vision? These vision issues may be from an age-related vision syndrome called Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome sometimes referred to as “DLS”.  Even patients that have previously had LASIK surgery may think “hey, my LASIK wore off”. This simple, not the case. DLS effects the eye’s lens, not the cornea which is reshaped during LASIK surgery. Patients with DLS are experiencing an issue with the eyes lens not being clear and not flexible and able to change shape to focus on objects far and near. This slow progressive vision loss occurs naturally over the years. Your eyes lens will stiffen and lose their clarity eventually turning yellow degrading vision eventually turning into cataracts.

The Stages of Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome

Typically DLS patients experience three stages.

Stage 1 occurs in people in their 40s, this is when the lens in the eyes loses its flexibility. These people tend to use reading glasses because the eye’s lens can’t focus on things up close.

Stage 2 generally experienced when people are in their 50’s and 60’s. This is when the eyes lens optics begin to degrade losing sharpness they begin to yellow lose their clarity and will scatter light making it more difficult to see things clearly at lower light levels.

Stage 3 is when people with DLS are typically in their 70’s which is when the lens is clouded and diagnosed as a cataract.

DLS is a normal progression of the eyes lens and is normal in people as they grow older.

DLS Options

When patients are affected by DLS stages 1 or 2 it is possible to resolve these vision issues by surgically replacing the dysfunctional lens with an interocular lens or IOL. This very popular surgical procedure improves vision by having the dysfunctional lens removed from the eye and replaced with a new flexible clear IOL.  With a premium, IOL patients reduce the dependence on glasses and will not experience cataracts later in life.

Your eyesight can affect just about every task you do during the course of the day. With our technical advancements in vision care, we have a solution which can provide patients that suffer from DLS and provide them with clear good vision. Dr. Roberts will examine your eyes and will discuss your eye condition with you. If DLS is diagnosed he will explain all the options that are available to you in order to correct your vision and see clearly again.

Our Practice

At Shady Grove Ophthalmology, we understand the importance of your vision. Dr. Anthony O. Roberts is committed to using some of the most advanced technology available for vision correction, cataract removal, and treatment of eye disease. With innovative laser systems, multi-focal intraocular lens implants, and state-of-the-art techniques for cataract surgery, Dr. Roberts aims to give all of our patients the safest, most effective eye treatments. Our entire office staff prides itself on delivering personalized premium quality eye care to all our patients.

Our Patients Say It Best...

Dr. Roberts and his staff are amazing!!!!

"Dr. Roberts and his staff are amazing!!!! From my 1st call to make an appointment to my post-op cataract appointment, he and his staff were helpful, friendly and patient. I am so happy to have found Dr. Roberts. After many years of blurry vision, he totally corrected it. This office was a true find. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Roberts."

- Karol W.

My experience was phenomenal...

"My experience was phenomenal, all the staff is friendly. Dr. Roberts treated me well, was very helpful in explaining the process. I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Roberts. Thank you for giving me a new view of life."

- Henry

I highly recommend Dr. Roberts...

"I highly recommend Dr. Roberts he did an excellent job on my LASIK surgery!"

Manuela G.

20/20 vision restored one day after surgery...

"Dr. Roberts was wonderful. I was treated for a cataract which had significantly reduced vision in my right eye. Dr. Roberts walked me through what to expect with the surgery beforehand. The surgery was completely painless and took less than 30 minutes. I now have my pre cataract 20/20 vision restored one day after surgery. I can highly recommend Dr. Roberts and his team!"

Robert H.

Dr. Roberts was incredibly knowledgeable...

"Dr. Roberts was incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating through my LASIK evaluation, procedure, and post-op. I would absolutely recommend him."


Dr. Anthony Roberts is a great doctor...

"Dr. Anthony Roberts is a great doctor-competent and friendly. His office staff is courteous and accommodating. I had cataract surgeries in both my eyes with laser and could not be more satisfied! I highly recommend Dr. Roberts."

Rakesh Bansil, M.D.

The office staff was so professional...

"The office staff was so professional and courteous and the doctor was very reassuring about post-operative progress so happy with results!"

Suzanne T.

I am very satisfied...

"I am very satisfied with the fantastic surgery work of Doctor Anthony Roberts. I didn’t feel any pain at all during and after the surgery., Now, everything is sharper and no blur and no glare. I will really recommend him to friends & family. I will ask him to do my right eye! Thank you so much, Dr. Roberts."

Alphine R.

I can see better than I have in years...

"Dr. Roberts did cataract surgery on my left eye and I can see better than I have in years. The procedure was so quick and easy. The surgery center was great Dr. Roberts is very professional yet friendly and easy to talk to. His office staff is excellent. I never had a problem getting an appointment and have never waited long in the office."

Jane G.

Dr. Roberts’ a very warm and easy going doctor...

"Dr. Roberts’ a very warm and easy going doctor. He did my LASIK procedure and then followed up with me that night to make sure everything was ok. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants LASIK done. Thanks, Dr. Roberts!"

Wendi C.

Cataract surgery with Dr. Roberts and couldn’t be more satisfied with results...

"Had cataract surgery with Dr. Roberts and couldn’t be more satisfied with results, my vision was 20/20 already the day after surgery. Was impressed that Dr. Roberts followed up the evening after surgery with a phone call to see how I was doing. Would highly recommend Dr. Roberts for his professionalism and use of latest technology. The office staff is also professional, thorough and very helpful. Great overall experience."

Pete A.

I had a really positive experience at Shady Grove Ophthalmology...

"I had a really positive experience at Shady Grove Ophthalmology. I had PRK surgery. Dr. Roberts explained the process and walked me through everything during the surgery. He even called me on a Sunday evening to follow-up with me making sure I was feeling okay after the surgery. The front office staff was also friendly. I definitely recommend Dr. Roberts!"

- Sharon C.

The outcome exceeded my expectations...

"I can't say enough about how professional, knowledgeable and kind Dr. Roberts is. I had cataract surgery and was nervous about the procedure. He immediately put me at ease when he explained the process and assured me that it would go well. I felt comfortable asking him questions and he answered them with a great amount of respect, understanding, and patience. The outcome exceeded my expectations. I also loved and appreciated his caring staff. I highly recommend Dr. Roberts. Super grateful for the excellent work he does!"

Robin G.