Intraocular Lens Implants (IOL)

You may have cataracts if you experience these symptoms:

  • Dim, blurry, or cloudy vision that requires brighter light to read
  • Sensitivity to light and glare
  • The appearance of “halos around lights
  • More difficulty with night vision
  • Fading or yellowing of color
  • Frequent changes in your glasses prescription

If you are experiencing cataracts, IOL Implants are the solution.

Treatment For Cataracts

As part of the normal aging process, the natural clear lens inside of the eye becomes cloudy and opaque. This blocks and diminishes the passage of light onto the retina. During cataract surgery, your eye surgeon will remove the cloudy natural lens replacing it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). Cataracts are very common and surgery has been the only proven way to treat cataracts.

Pre- Operative Testing

We pride ourselves on having the most state-of-the-art technology available for our patients. During your consult advanced biometric testing was done to help Dr. Roberts select the best lens power to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Goals for Cataract Surgery

Our surgical team, alongside Dr. Roberts, will develop and tailor a customized treatment plan that best suits your lifestyle and vision goals. This plan is based on the health of your eye and your desired vision after surgery. With modern technological testing, laser-assisted cataract surgery, advanced technology intraocular lenses, and our knowledgeable team we will strive to meet your visual goals.

Laser Cataract Surgery

The femtosecond laser has revolutionized cataract surgery. Traditional cataract surgery requires the surgeon to perform very precise incisions and break up the cataract using a hand-held metal or diamond blades in combination with ultrasound technology. The laser is also used to soften the cataract with very precise laser pulses which break up the cataract into very tiny pieces. With this use of the laser to soften the cataract it allows for a more gentle removal of the lens therefore less strain on the eye. Using a computer-guided laser helps automate this entire process and allows for a truly customized cataract removal treatment.

Laser Astigmatism Correction

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is not spherical in shape and has a relatively similar shape to a football. This is usually corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or surgery. The femtosecond laser is approved to correct astigmatism with advanced computer guidance that creates small limbal relaxing incisions. It helps to relax areas of corneal steepening that causes corneal astigmatism. 

Laser-Assisted Removal of the Cataract

Dr. Roberts will use the femtosecond laser to create a precise circular opening in the natural lens. Studies show that this opening is much more accurate when performed with the laser resulting in a more precise and accurate visual outcome. Once the laser has gained access to the cataract inside the natural lens, the laser then softens the cataract by breaking it up into small pieces. This allows for a gentler and easier removal of the cataract with less stress on the eye itself. 

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Intraocular Lenses (IOLS)

An intraocular lens (IOLs) is what the natural lens (where the cataract develops) is replaced with. This allows light to focus back onto the retina. In the past, patients have had to wear very thick eyeglasses or special contact lenses. IOLs have evolved tremendously throughout the past 4 decades. They last a patient’s entire lifetime. Intraocular lenses have the same effect as glasses and contacts. This is an exciting time for people requiring an intraocular lens implant, as your choices are now safer and more effective than ever. With modern-day cataract surgery, patients have the unique opportunity to customize their visual outcomes. Your eye surgeon is an expert on all available lenses and how their individual benefits pertain to each patient’s needs.

Intraocular Lens (IOL) Options

Materials continue to improve, becoming more pliable and biostable and giving lensmakers greater freedom to address specific vision needs. The earliest IOLs were made of thermal plastic a material that improved dramatically over the years, but still had inherent restrictions for microsurgery. Today’s state-of-the-art acrylics offer better plasticity and stability and give surgeons superior control during microsurgery.

Monofocal IOL

If you are a patient and have cataracts in both eyes, Monofocol Intraocular lenses may provide the best result. A Monofocol IOL is used to provide the patient with a fixed focus for one distance. At Shady Grove Ophthalmology, Dr. Anthony Roberts will work with you to decide what distance would be appropriate for you whether that be near focus, mid-distance focus, or distant focus. With a Monofocol IOL, you are only able to choose one distance and the focus will not change after surgery. Traditional cataract surgery using a Monofocol IOL would give the patient focus for both eyes for distance and the patient would then use reading glasses to see near objects.

Toric IOL

For Cataract patients who have astigmatism, and who do not wish to wear eyeglasses to see clearly at a distance, choosing a Toric Lens Implant can help them be free of glasses for tasks such as driving, which requires clear distance vision. Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is more oval or football-shaped instead of being a perfect sphere. The resulting vision is often blurry and distorted. Mild forms of astigmatism may not need correction, but the stronger the prescription gets, the more patients become dependent on glasses to see. Toric Lens Implants do not correct Presbyopia, and therefore even with Toric Lens Implants to correct astigmatism after Cataract Surgery, most patients still require reading glasses or bifocals to be able to comfortably perform near vision tasks such as reading and intermediate vision tasks such as computer work.


A Multifocal Lens Implant is a lens that has a different power in the center of the lens and another power in the border of the lens so that vision can be focused far or near out of the same eye. These different zones of lens power work together to provide the eye with near and distance vision. The lenses are made of plastic or silicone materials and placed permanently in the eye after the removal of the eye’s natural lens. Subsequently, a Multifocal Lens can help correct Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, and Presbyopia. Our eyes are continuously focusing on objects at different distances. Whether it be watching television, sitting at a computer, or driving, our eyes automatically focus on different things at different distances quite quickly. As we age, the ability for our eyes to change focus (or accommodate) weakens, which leads to the need for bifocals and reading glasses.

Extended Depth of Focus IOL (Vivity)

The Vivity intraocular lens is a new intraocular lens that uses proprietary, non-diffractive technology called X-Wave. With X-Wave, the user can see with all available light, resulting in an uninterrupted range of vision. This includes when you’re in bright and dim lighting. That means you’ll achieve excellent distance and in-between vision, as well as being able to see well up close. With other IOLs, the light is split into several separate focal points. This often results in patients seeing visual aberrations like glare, starbursts, and halos around lights, even after cataract surgery. For patients that choose the Vivity lens, they report fewer visual disturbances.

Another advantage of this premium lens is the X-Wave technology even protects your eyes from the sun’s UV rays and damaging blue light from digital devices. The Vivity lens also comes in a toric lens model for patients with astigmatism as well to ensure that astigmatism is corrected during cataract surgery.

For patients that suffer from astigmatism, Shady Grove Ophthalmology may suggest the Alcon ArcySof IQ Toric which provides stability and exceptional performance.

AcrySof IQ PanOptix IOL provides vision correction at all distances with reduced need for glasses. Learn more!

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At Shady Grove Ophthalmology, we understand the importance of your vision. Dr. Anthony O. Roberts is committed to using some of the most advanced technology available for vision correction, cataract removal, and treatment of eye disease. With innovative laser systems, multi-focal intraocular lens implants, and state-of-the-art techniques for cataract surgery, Dr. Roberts aims to give all of our patients the safest, most effective eye treatments. Our entire office staff prides itself on delivering personalized premium quality eye care to all our patients.

Our Patients Say It Best...

Dr. Roberts and his staff are amazing!!!!

"Dr. Roberts and his staff are amazing!!!! From my 1st call to make an appointment to my post-op cataract appointment, he and his staff were helpful, friendly and patient. I am so happy to have found Dr. Roberts. After many years of blurry vision, he totally corrected it. This office was a true find. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Roberts."

- Karol W.

My experience was phenomenal...

"My experience was phenomenal, all the staff is friendly. Dr. Roberts treated me well, was very helpful in explaining the process. I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Roberts. Thank you for giving me a new view of life."

- Henry

I highly recommend Dr. Roberts...

"I highly recommend Dr. Roberts he did an excellent job on my LASIK surgery!"

Manuela G.

20/20 vision restored one day after surgery...

"Dr. Roberts was wonderful. I was treated for a cataract which had significantly reduced vision in my right eye. Dr. Roberts walked me through what to expect with the surgery beforehand. The surgery was completely painless and took less than 30 minutes. I now have my pre cataract 20/20 vision restored one day after surgery. I can highly recommend Dr. Roberts and his team!"

Robert H.

Dr. Roberts was incredibly knowledgeable...

"Dr. Roberts was incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating through my LASIK evaluation, procedure, and post-op. I would absolutely recommend him."


Dr. Anthony Roberts is a great doctor...

"Dr. Anthony Roberts is a great doctor-competent and friendly. His office staff is courteous and accommodating. I had cataract surgeries in both my eyes with laser and could not be more satisfied! I highly recommend Dr. Roberts."

Rakesh Bansil, M.D.

The office staff was so professional...

"The office staff was so professional and courteous and the doctor was very reassuring about post-operative progress so happy with results!"

Suzanne T.

I am very satisfied...

"I am very satisfied with the fantastic surgery work of Doctor Anthony Roberts. I didn’t feel any pain at all during and after the surgery., Now, everything is sharper and no blur and no glare. I will really recommend him to friends & family. I will ask him to do my right eye! Thank you so much, Dr. Roberts."

Alphine R.

I can see better than I have in years...

"Dr. Roberts did cataract surgery on my left eye and I can see better than I have in years. The procedure was so quick and easy. The surgery center was great Dr. Roberts is very professional yet friendly and easy to talk to. His office staff is excellent. I never had a problem getting an appointment and have never waited long in the office."

Jane G.

Dr. Roberts’ a very warm and easy going doctor...

"Dr. Roberts’ a very warm and easy going doctor. He did my LASIK procedure and then followed up with me that night to make sure everything was ok. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants LASIK done. Thanks, Dr. Roberts!"

Wendi C.

Cataract surgery with Dr. Roberts and couldn’t be more satisfied with results...

"Had cataract surgery with Dr. Roberts and couldn’t be more satisfied with results, my vision was 20/20 already the day after surgery. Was impressed that Dr. Roberts followed up the evening after surgery with a phone call to see how I was doing. Would highly recommend Dr. Roberts for his professionalism and use of latest technology. The office staff is also professional, thorough and very helpful. Great overall experience."

Pete A.

I had a really positive experience at Shady Grove Ophthalmology...

"I had a really positive experience at Shady Grove Ophthalmology. I had PRK surgery. Dr. Roberts explained the process and walked me through everything during the surgery. He even called me on a Sunday evening to follow-up with me making sure I was feeling okay after the surgery. The front office staff was also friendly. I definitely recommend Dr. Roberts!"

- Sharon C.

The outcome exceeded my expectations...

"I can't say enough about how professional, knowledgeable and kind Dr. Roberts is. I had cataract surgery and was nervous about the procedure. He immediately put me at ease when he explained the process and assured me that it would go well. I felt comfortable asking him questions and he answered them with a great amount of respect, understanding, and patience. The outcome exceeded my expectations. I also loved and appreciated his caring staff. I highly recommend Dr. Roberts. Super grateful for the excellent work he does!"

Robin G.