Wearing contact lenses can be a wonderful way to correct your vision, but keep a few things in mind. If you’re trying new contact lenses or wearing lenses for the first time, it may take time to get used to putting the lenses in and wearing them every day. If after your trial period, your lenses still don’t feel comfortable or your vision isn’t clear, please let us know! It’s not uncommon for patients to try out a few pairs of contact lenses before finding ones that are just right. Whether you’ve worn contacts for a while, or are new to contacts, you’ll want to take proper care of your lenses. Remember – contact lenses are medical devices that you put in your eyes. You wouldn’t want Dr. Roberts using dirty instruments, so avoid putting dirty contact lenses on your eyes. Always wash your hands before applying or removing contact lenses. Properly clean and store your contacts to avoid surface buildup and prevent irritation and infection of your eyes. Use fresh solution, never water, to clean your contacts, and always change your lenses on the proper schedule. Avoid sleeping in your contacts – unless they’re specific lenses that allow for wear as you sleep. It also would be wise to have a backup pair of glasses, in case you have issues or discomfort with your contact lenses. Don’t forget – you’re touching your eyes more regularly than someone who doesn’t wear contact lenses, so always use caution. See your eye care provider at least once a year to evaluate your eye health, and make sure your contacts fit your changing lifestyle and needs.

Please watch our short video to learn more: Success with Contact Lenses

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