Summer Water Fun and Eye Safety

Summer Water Fun & Eye Safety

Summer is here, leading many of us to eagerly embrace the water and maximize our time spent in it.

Why Water May Burn Your Eyes

Ever wonder why your eyes sometimes feel like they’re on fire after a dip in the pool? Well, it’s all about a little chemistry and some natural sensitivity.

So, you know that pools use chlorine to keep the water clean, right? Well, when chlorine mixes with stuff like sweat, oils, and even pee (yep, that too), it creates these things called disinfection byproducts, one of which is called chloramine. Chloramine might sound like a fancy name, but it’s not so friendly to your eyes. When it’s in the water and gets in your peepers, it can cause that stinging, burning feeling.

Another thing is the pH balance of the pool water. Think of pH as a scale from acidic to alkaline – just like lemon juice is acidic and baking soda is alkaline. If the pool’s pH isn’t right, it can make your eyes uncomfortable. It’s like your eyes are picky about the water they swim in!

Also, our eyes have this delicate tear film that keeps them moist and happy. But chemicals in the pool water can mess with this tear film, making your eyes feel dry and irritated.

And if you’re wearing contact lenses, they can be troublemakers too. Pool water can get trapped between the contacts and your eyes, making things even more uncomfortable.

So, consider rocking some cool swim goggles if you’re planning a pool day. They create a shield between your eyes and the water, helping to keep those pesky chemicals away. And remember, if your eyes feel like they’ve had a run-in with a hot chili pepper after swimming, it’s not unusual. Just give them a break, maybe use some soothing eye drops, and they should bounce back quickly!

Keep Your Swim Goggles On

Ever wondered why those people at the pool with the cool goggles have got the right idea? Well, let me break it down for you. Wearing swim goggles isn’t just about looking awesome – it’s about protecting your eyes and having a more enjoyable time in the water.

Goggles are like the ultimate eye shields. They create a barrier between your precious peepers and the water, so those annoying chloramines and other pool chemicals can’t mess with your eyes. Plus, they keep splashes from going all ninja on your eyes – no more surprise water attacks!

And that’s not all. Goggles also help you see underwater without that blurry, watery vision. You can explore the underwater world with crystal-clear clarity, whether you’re practicing your strokes, hunting for treasure (or just lost coins), or playing Marco Polo.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of contact lenses, goggles are like their best friends. Contacts and pool water don’t get along very well, but goggles keep them from having a showdown on your eye’s surface.

So, next time you hit the pool, consider strapping on a pair of goggles. Your eyes will thank you, and you’ll have a splashing good time – minus the discomfort and blurry sight. It’s a win-win, and you’ll be the coolest swimmer with the clearest vision in the pool!

Enjoy your summer water activities, and most of all, be safe and protect your eyes when in the water!